Volunteer With Us!

Gay For Good aims to energize and mobilize the LGBTQ community to interact with the greater community by volunteering our time to various social welfare and environmental service projects.

About Us

We hope to, over time, support goodwill and understanding between the LGBTQ and greater city communities through regular collaborative volunteer service projects.

To Achieve Our Mission We:

  • Identify and connect with environmental and social welfare organizations in each city chapter (including organizations not traditionally associated with the LGBTQ community)

  • Support select organizations primarily through volunteer service (time), rather than financial contributions

  • Coordinate regular social events for G4G members and our allies to develop friendships and network

  • Foster and promote a spirit of positive, enthusiastic camaraderie both within the LGBTQ community and towards our partner organizations

  • Do something valuable for our community, city and country

  • Above all, make a positive difference and have fun!